Please note... Flag sales end at the end of the day on November 17th.

Fill out the form to purchase a flag & monument to honor your hero. The flag and monument combo costs $95.

In addition to the flag, you may also choose to purchase a monument to honor your hero for an additional $55.  These will be displayed at the North Texas Field of Honor® for the week of November 11-17, 2019 with the flag and can be taken home after the event and will have the seal for the branch of service and a plaque for the Honoree.  Monuments must be purchased prior to October 14th to guarantee that it will be at the event and must be picked up after the event as we are not able to mail monuments. Monuments may be purchase after October 14th but it is not guaranteed that they will be on display at the Field of Honor.


If you would like to purchase more than one flag (up to 5), click here.
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